Yearbook of the European Energy and Raw Materials Industry 2018, Annual 125. Essen: EW Medien und Kongresse 2017. 1,000 pages with num. figures and tables. ISBN: 978-3-8022-1272-7 EUR 170.
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ISBN: 978-3-8022-1162-1
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Yearbook of the European Energy
and Raw Materials Industry 2018

Dr. Thorsten Diercks
Stefan Kapferer
Wolfgang Langhoff
Dr. jur. Eberhard Meller
Dr. Ludwig Möhring
Hildegard Müller
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Rappuhn
Dr. Peter Röttgen
Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Franz-Josef Wodopia

The Yearbook of the European Energy and Raw Materials Industry is a carefully researched compendium and reference work for all those involved with the energy sector. The Yearbook contains comprehensive and updated information on more than 4,000 companies, associations, organizations and statutory bodies. Data on shareholders, associates, sponsors, supervisory bodies, executive boards, management staff, operating facilities, plant locations, subsidiaries and affiliates, business objectives, capital, turnover, output, sales and number of employees create a detailed picture of group organization and company networks.
The presentation is completed by some 60 geo-economic charts and more than 140 tables on the raw materials and energy industry.

The digital version contains the complete content of the printed yearbook as a PDF document. The eBook offers comprehensive full-text searches and further comfortable search functions. In addition to the eBook, all the yearbook tables are offered in Excel format, some of them much more detailed than in the printed version.